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12 Great Outdoor Winter Activities For Kids

Taking a stroll through them and admiring the lights and other decorations is always a pleasant way to spend the evening. Other places in your town may be known for going all out with Christmas decorations each year. One house in my state makes a little Christmas village on their property each year and charge people to drive through it. The ultimate winter team sport, ice hockey is a perfect way to stay active this winter, especially if you’re the competitive sort.

Less than 1% of bats carry rabies and a female bat usually only has one pup per year. Store-bought bat boxes are generally not very successful. By building a bat box, you are supplying bats with a home so they won’t come looking for shelter in yours! In addition, you’ll get less-buggy evenings to spend outside without spraying down your kids with toxic chemicals.

How many different kinds of evergreens can you identify in your neighborhood or around town? If small branches or needles have blown to the ground, de Jong-Lambert suggests collecting them to start a species library at home. Are the needles long, short, pliable, brittle, thick, or fine?

One of the best ways to help kids deal with winter boredom is to encourage them to be active with their friends. Seeing friends outside of school can also help build social skills. So let your child invite a friend over or plan a gathering with a group. Use the winter months as a way to encourage your teen to discover hidden talents and new interests. A little creativity and imagination can go a long way toward keeping their mind and body active. First, one day, you’ll fill a container with natural treasures and add a few inches of water.

Wasn’t much else to do 🙂 For that reason I’ve never thought of them as bucket list activities but I guess they would be for those who haven’t lived in the frozen tundra, hahahaha. Making windchimes with kids is a fun and easy activity for kids to do any time of year. Last winter we made windchimes from driftwood and shells we found on our beach vacation.

Keep in mind that investing in a pair of crampons or microspikes can make a huge difference on icy trails. If you are interested in find more winter hiking trails, check out this list for some new ideas. Finding Christmas lights around the state is a safe way to enjoy this holiday season.

I just add a drop or two of food coloring to the water to make sure that the kids’ clothing don’t also get colored in the process. If you want the colors to show up stronger on the snow, add more food coloring to your water. Really, this one shouldn’t even need to be mentioned, right? Encourage your toddler’s creativity and maybe they’ll want to build a family of dinosaurs, a castle, a baby turtle, or a sculpture of their own family!

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