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40 Outdoor Activities For Kids This Winter

These activities have been tried, tested and kid-approved by our followers, editors, writers, and contributors! Plus, all of the photos in the post of kids outside having fun are from our absolutely amazing Instagram community! A very special thanks to all the mamas that let us feature their beautiful images.

The tour costs only $5 for Colorado locals and $10 for everyone else. Learn about beer making on an audio tour, sample an ice-cold beer, enjoy three more brews at the end of the tour, and take home a free glass—AKA the perfect Colorado winter day. Celebrate the end of the year with kids by watching nature’s very own ball drop – the sunset. Gather with friends and family on the last day of the year and watch the sunset together.

There’s a lot of beauty in the cold winter months and this activity forces you to actively look for it. Geocaching is a fun outdoor activity for kids no matter what the season. As long as your location isn’t buried under tons of snow, geocaching is a great way to get outside and explore during the cold winter months.

A great thing to do is start each morning by listing five things you are grateful for. In the beginning it will probably be a struggle to come up with a mere five, being wrapped up in a world full of fear can disguise the good in your life. Invite all your friends over to root for your favorite team. Don’t worry about the food because Southern Living’s Favorite Game Day Recipes and Food Network’s Game Day Party Recipes has you covered.

Young downhill skiers can hit the bunny slopes or green circle trails but should have an adult with them. It’s wise to invest in a helmet in case of falls or collisions. Known for its excellent snow and extended ski season ,Arapahoe Basin Ski Area(or “A-Basin” to locals) is 68 miles from Denver, with killer views. A-Basin’s acclaimed terrain and laid-back vibe make it a favorite for experts to beginners.

They can be used to help cover your baby while feeding, during diaper changes and even for extra warmth for your baby in the carrier. For short walks or skating, a winter sled for babies is well worth having. There’s a good chance you’ll be pushing your stroller through snow or on ice. Getting the best stroller for winter will be one with good wheels that will make it easier. A weather shield for your stroller is the best protection from wind, rain and snow for your baby.

Speaking of delicacies, how about maple syrup snow candy? All you need to make this delicious treat is some pure maple syrup and snow! You’ll need to help your little ones, though, as you first have to heat the syrup before pouring it hot into the snow to solidify.

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