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40 Outdoor Activities For Kids This Winter

There are so many needy families around the world, and many of them have young children who would miss out on the joy of Christmas if it weren’t for a generous helping hand. For this Winter Bucket List idea gather toys and donate them to a good cause to put a big smile on a child’s face. I organized a successful Toys for Tots drive at my restaurant, but there are other amazing organizations, like The Salvation Army or United Way. For beginner knitters, scarves make easy projects and can be worn in a variety of ways to cover up any silly mistakes.

If your kids are looking for a creative spin on this classic activity, try making a snow animal instead. Looking for things to do in Boston over the holidays, as well as places to eat and play? One of the many delights of living in Boston is that day skiing is a breeze. While no one can predict the traffic, many ski areas are within a two-hour drive. The best way to keep your baby warm outside in the winter is by using a baby carrier with your baby in your jacket.

Denver is a great place to outfit before you head up into the hills. One of the local supermarket chains, King Soopers, sells lift tickets at a small discount. REI is one of the largest sporting goods stores in the nation, offering a full range of ski, snowboard, cross-country ski, snowshoeing and winter clothing. Denver boasts more winter sports stores per capita of any city in America, and big-city competition makes the prices much cheaper than the mountains.

Who doesn’t love sitting next to a warm fire pit when it’s cold outside? Call your friends and gather your family for an exciting outdoor bonfire experience. You can sit around the flames, tell ghost stories, and enjoy your favorite food at the same time. For an extra bucket list worthy experience, you can do some outdoor camping at the same time, and enjoy a starry night. Whether you prefer a rink in the city or a frozen lake in the mountains — ice skating is always a fun way to spend a cold day.

Again, be sure to check on your baby frequently to make sure your baby is warm and comfortable. Walking with a baby in the winter will be the easiest thing to do with your baby in the winter. If it’s your first winter with your baby and you’re dressing your baby for winter walks for the first time, it’s best to start with a walk close to home. This will allow you to quickly get back to the warmth of your house if your baby starts to feel cold. Freeze water colored with food coloring into blocks and other shapes, using ice cube trays, muffin tins, Jell-O molds, and old yogurt containers. In sub-freezing temperatures, you can stick the pieces together by dribbling water on them—it should quickly freeze them in place.

If you’re new to ice fishing — go with an experienced friend or through a guided experience. If you don’t know where to start, look into Big Ed’s Fishing Ventures or Alpine Fishing Adventures. Snowshoeing requires very little instruction or equipment to enjoy a day of exploring in the great outdoors.

For the full set of directions, check out this awesome maple syrup snow candy post from our friends at Little Bins for Little Hands. Skiing and snowboarding with kids is incredibly exhausting, but so much fun! Pack up your gear and head for the hills to take advantage of all the fun the winter has to offer. If your kids are new to skiing, we highly recommend a lesson or ski school before hitting the slopes.

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