Tropical Sites People Can Visit 

Spring Break Destinations You Can Visit Without A Passport

Get info on domestic and international discounts on student travel at spring break, where to go, what to do and who’s going to be there. A party bus to Mazatlan may be a hotter idea than easy-to-reach Rosarito Beach in Baja; Puerto Penasco, south of Tucson, is no spring break playpen but is a friendly beach town with fine fish tacos. If you submit an application for a U.S. passport and do not provide a Social Security number, you will encounter a delay with the processing and/or denial of your passport application. Contact theSocial Security Administrationfor information about obtaining a new or replacement Social Security number and card. You can access their siteonly if you are using a U.S. government-owned computer or device.

We publish the best travel deals as soon as we come across them. Whether it’s a sunny beach or a budget weekend getaway you’re looking for, check out the best prices right here before you book. If you are thinking of traveling to Africa, it is highly advised that you avoid the Central African Republic. The Department of State warns U.S. citizens against traveling here because this landlocked country has a high “potential for intercommunal violence” and a “fragile” security situation.

American Samoa offers no chain restaurants or hotels, only the natural beauty and unspoiled authentic lifestyle of the Polynesians. There are many tours or activities you can schedule, or just choose to disconnect and reconnect; you can explore a volcanic island where you may or may run into another person all day. It is also the only true tropical reef within the National Marine Sanctuary System. Currently the only way to get this US Territory without a passport is from the US mainland to Pago Pago International Airport on Tutuila, is via Hawaiian Airlines from Hawaii. Hawaiian flight service runs select days of the week so scheduling your trip to include the beautiful National Park of American Samoan takes a bit of planning. This is a destination for those adventure seekers who want to detach, detox, and disappear for a while from the craziness of city life.

If you’re looking for a tropical beach vacation that’s a little more laidback than Key West or Miami, try Anna Maria Island. A small barrier island on Florida’s gulf coast, Anna Maria has a laid back resort vibe. We all should visit these places once in a life and as we know that passport is not required so it will be easy to visit there.

Filled with luxury shopping options, incredible upscale dining, and all sorts of outdoor activities, you’ll never be bored on Oahu. Only 90 miles north of Cuba, traveling to Key West will make you feel like you’ve left the US and truly entered the Caribbean. Renowned for its funky pastel-hued architecture and wild nightlife, Key West is a great option for partying travelers. This method of travel without passports is exciting as you get to experience more than one destination.

Best of all, it offers a quiet location at the end of Duval Street—close enough for convenience, yet far enough to avoid the party scene. Want an all-inclusive vacation that doesn’t require a passport? Aulani is the closest you can get to achieving that in Hawaii, with many services and amenities included in rates and package pricing available. We are David & Lina Stock, a married couple from NW Wisconsin who have been traveling together since 2001. I have a passport but I always forget about those South Pacific islands that are part of US. We do have a huge country with lots to see, but many never get passports.

There are so many adventure destinations right at home that we seemingly overlook because we believe we need to escape the entire U.S. when we think about taking a much-needed vacation. We definitely take the U.S. and its unique and contrasting landscapes for granted. The U.S. is made up of beautiful mountainous regions, stunning desert towns with steep canyons, lush forests with tons of wildlife; jaw-dropping glaciers, and pristine beaches. It is the largest state in the U.S. and one of the most breathtaking with snowy mountain peaks, stunning glaciers, fjords, lush forests and an abundance of wildlife. Unlike the tropical places we’ve mentioned, Alaska is a great destination getaway for anyone who wants to get in touch with nature, go on a hike and explore the state’s stunning landscape.

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